upcoming races

We have an exciting season of Road and Gravel events this season. We are stoked to have a Road Director in place that will be hosting numerous events over the next couple of months. 

We also have a weekly group ride. Cycle Logic will be hosting the PGCC Tuesday night group rides.

Meet at Cycle Logic 6pm for a 50km or so ride – this is a no drop ride but please be expected to have the ability to average around 28km/h solo on the flat. We will alternate course between Miworth and Pineview.

Road Race Results

2018 April 29 – Alpine Reverse – 64/42km – RESULTS

2018 April 26 – Boundary Road – 12km Time Trial – RESULTS

2018 April 15 – Season Opener – 55km Pineview – RESULTS

2018 Total Points Standings – RESULTS

2017 Road Race RESULTS

2016 Road Race RESULTS

2015 Road Race RESULTS

2014 Road Race RESULTS

Road Races and Time Trials

First place finisher will be awarded 100 points. Men and Women will have separate points 
(ie: 1st place man = 100, 1st place woman = 100)

All other finishers will then be awarded 99 points, 98, 97, etc. depending on their finish position
(ie: 1st place = 100 points, 2nd place = 99 points, etc)


The overall placings for Criteriums will be determined as such:

The riders who have accumulated sprint points will be slotted into the top positions (ie: 100, 99, 98, etc.) then the remaining positions will be determined by the final lap finish order. If riders are tied for points, then they will both receive that point amount for the position, but the next position will be skipped (ie: 98, 98, 96, 95, etc.)

Sprint Points

3 intermediate sprints (approximately 10 minutes between sprints)

  • 1st – 3 points
  • 2nd – 2 points
  • 3rd – 1 point

Final Sprint (after 45 minutes have elapsed the bell will ring signaling the final sprint)

  • 1st – 6 points
  • 2nd – 4 points
  • 3rd – 2 points

No free laps for mechanicals – however you still qualify for club championship points if this is your first mechanical of the year while competing in a PGCC event.

Bonus Points

You may earn up to a maximum of 100 championship points by coming out to sweep or set-up the road race courses as well as sweeping the criterium course.

Every time you come out to help you will earn 25 points. If you want the maximum points earned, you must come out at least 4 times. As we need to spread out the help throughout the season, a cap has been placed on helpers per event, so be sure to sign up early to secure your sweeping/set-up slot. Sweeping will take place the Wednesday evenings (approx. 7:00-8:30pm) preceding the events & set-up will take place the morning the road race occurs.

To sign up email and they will confirm that you are booked in and provide you with the time and location to meet up.

If we happen to fill all available slots, then we will allow more people to sweep as we don’t want to turn away volunteers.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 point leaders in male/female overall non-age based and the point leaders in the respective male/female age based categories.

Note:  If someone wins a non-age based overall award, they will not receive a prize for the aged based.

Non-Age Based Overall Awards

Awarded to the top 3 cyclists with the highest combined points (RR, TT & Crits) in the respective gender category


Age Based Awards

Awarded to the highest combined points (RR, TT & Crits) in the respective male/female age specific categories (10-19; 20-29; 30-39; 40-49; 50 plus).

Age at the beginning of the cycling season will be utilized.

PGCC Club Champions – Top Male and Top Female

Awarded to the highest combined points (RR, TT & Crits) in the respective gender-specific category.

Cycle Logic Overall Points Winner: Awarded to the highest combined points (RR, TT & Crits).


Road Race Rules

Holding Road races on public roads is a privilege. We must obtain approval each year from the City of Prince George and the Ministry of Transportation. We must abide by their rules or the privilege can be revoked at any time.

Riders must abide by the rules below or they will be disqualified from participating in the road race:

  • Provide proof of insurance (Cycling BC Membership or Race License).
  • Wear an approved cycling helmet.
Obey the rules of the road, including
  • Marshals will raise a red sign if there is a potential danger to riders due to motor vehicles, pedestrians or other cyclists.
  • Marshals will signal riders to slow or stop by showing them the palm of their hand if there is imminent danger.
  • Marshals will wave riders through if there is no potential danger.

Be polite to motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, marshals, and officials even if you think that they are in the wrong.

Riders violating these rules will be disqualified for a first offence. A second offence will result in the rider being barred from events for the rest of the season.

Obey the rules of the road, including
  • Do not cross the centerline of the road.
  • Stay to the right of the roadway in the bicycle lane or on the paved shoulder.
  • Do not pass motor vehicles on the left at the corners.
  • Pull to the right and stop for emergency vehicles.
  • Obey the directions of emergency services personnel.

In Addition for Time Trials

  • Do not draft other riders unless you are a team entry (e.g., two-up).
  • Report the names or numbers of riders breaking these rules to the timekeeper.
  • Do not cross the start/finish line going south after the time trial has begun (6:30 PM) unless you are racing. Warm up and cool down to the south of the start/finish.
  • Wear your number low down in the center of your back.
  • Do not block the bicycle lane or roadway in the start/finish area after you have finished your time trial.

Flats and/or Mechanicals

In the event of a flat/serious mechanical (i.e. bike is unrideable) you will still earn championship points for that event if it is your first in-race mechanical of the year.

Everyone will be entitled to utilize ONE mechanical allowance over the course of the entire season. The points allocated to you for that race will end up being the average of your points for that type of event at year’s end.