Become A Member

Become A Member

Your membership fees allow us to operate on an annual basis and your donations help the club expand and improve what we offer:

  • New trails!
  • Winter trail grooming
  • Epic mountain biking events
  • Trail maintenance
  • Rad road biking rides
  • More new trails!
  • Kids learn to ride programs
  • GoByBike Week advocacy
  • Even more new trails!


Seriously, what are you waiting for? Support the club with a membership.


The PGCC is a volunteer-run organization that develops and runs several large community cycling events and projects. Your membership fees allow us to operate on an annual basis and your donations help the club expand and improve the services we offer.

Cycling Members create a strong, unified voice to ensure decision-makers know there is a demand for safer, more connected routes for cyclists of all ages and abilities. As we work with stakeholders to develop trails and improve bicycle connectivity, one of the questions we are asked every time is how many people we represent. If nothing else, membership in the Prince George Cycling Club gives us the mandate to advocate on your behalf.

The more members we represent, the more grant opportunities are available to us!!!


Whenever the provincial government or the city looks at giving funding or supporting a specific type of tourism in our area, they always request membership numbers from the PGCC. Our membership numbers are used as their baseline for how many people use the area. We estimate our membership is only 20% of the PG cycling community, but government organizations that are not intimately involved with the trails do not know that.

Our membership numbers are key to showing both our local and provincial governments how important cycling infrastructure is in our community.

Liability insurance for PGCC is included in your membership. Members are NOT insured for personal injury and liability.


Unfortunately, there is a propensity for people to sue if they are injured or receive property damage. Extensive litigation has resulted in
significantly increased insurance rates while organizations and agencies are becoming increasingly unwilling to provide some high-risk recreation and tourism services that they provided in the past.

It is a privilege to be using the bike trails at Pidherny. All PGCC members must agree to sign the wavier below.  When you sign up for a membership, you will be asked if you have read the waiver, understand the waiver, and understand that by clicking the box and purchasing your membership that you are waiving your rights to sue.