Learn to Ride

Learn to Ride Program

2023 Learn to Ride was a huge success! Thanks to all of the volunteers, coaches, and kids that come out to Learn to Ride!   

Date: weekly starting Tuesday, April 23 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, as trail conditions allow

Ages: 9 to 13 years old (turning 9 within the calendar year) 

Learn to Ride is for six weeks, and will teach your child skills, confidence, and love for cycling! 

This year we are asking that ALL children who are going to participate have their bikes checked by a certified bike mechanic at your favorite bike shop. 

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Learn to Ride Program

Each spring, the PGCC hosts an incredible cycling program for kids that want to build skills, confidence, and a love of cycling! Learn to Ride is a six-week program that focuses on riding, safety, etiquette, and maintenance. Your child will learn the finer points of riding and handling their mountain bike. Kids will be grouped to ride with other kids of similar skills, abilities, and age.

Our Learn to Ride leaders are excited to be a part of your child’s mountain biking experience. To ensure a safe and successful season, we ask you to review the following information and discuss with your child.

  1. Rider’s Medical: Please ensure you have completed the online registration, including medical information. This will ensure we have all required information to deal with any medical concerns if they should arise.
  2. Rider’s Bike Check: The bike check is meant to be a preventative inspection done by your local bike shop (LBS). Spring is a busy season for the shops, so there may be a delay; please take your child’s bike into a LBS as soon as possible. The Learn to Ride leaders are not responsible for the state of each rider’s bike. It is the full responsibility of each rider to ensure their bike is properly maintained and safe.
  3. Session Start Date: Please note that LTR is scheduled to begin in spring (end of April or early May), pending the trails readiness. A specific start date will be provided, but may be adjusted closer to the date as trail conditions are assessed. Our top priority is getting kids out on bikes and reducing the amount of trail maintenance required from riding muddy trails. Please bear with us if we have to delay the first session by a week or two. 
  4. Clothing / Gear: Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather, as well as wearing closed toe shoes. All riders must have a properly fitting helmet and a hydration source.


AGE REQUIREMENTS – kids must be between 9 and 13 (turning 9 within the calendar year)

SIGNUP PROCEDURE – general registration will be available on our website. All kids must also sign up for a PGCC membership. 

ABILITY – we will be creating several groups based on riding ability, so your child will be riding with kids of similar ability.

EQUIPMENT – your child must have a multi-speed mountain bike with working brakes. Your child must be physically able to change gears and work the front and rear brakes. A certified properly fitted helmet is required:

  1. The helmet should fit the head snugly, but comfortably. Use the padding provided to perfect the fit.
  2. The helmet should be level, and low on the forehead.
  3. If the helmet has an inner adjustment dial, use it to snug the helmet. Keep the inner support under the bulge on the back of head.
  4. Adjust the nape strap (from the back of helmet forward to the ear) so the buckle sits just below the ear, on the jaw hinge.
  5. Adjust the front strap to meet the buckle location of the nape strap. The helmet remains level.
  6. Adjust the chin strap. The mouth should be able to open. The buckle should be under the chin.
  7. Once the helmet is adjusted, you may need to trim the chin strap. You can use a match flame to seal the raw cut.

Also recommended are bicycling gloves and a SMALL backpack that contains water, snack, and a cold/wet weather jacket.

CANCELLATION POLICY – We understand that schedules change! If for any reason you have to cancel your child’s LTR registration, the following policy will apply: 

  • Cancel before April 1: full refund minus $10
  • Cancel before the first session: full refund minus $50
  • Cancel after the first session: no refund
*Retained fees will be donated to the Club and will support ongoing trail maintenance. 
*Please note membership fees will not be refunded.