Go for a Ride in Tucson

When the Prince George Airport approached Flair Airlines about a direct route to Tucson, Arizona, they did so with our city’s outdoor recreation community front of mind – especially cyclists. Tucson has been rated the second-best biking city in the entirety of the United States, for good reason. Every Friday from December 2nd, 2022 until March 24th, 2023, the flight will give local cyclists direct access to world-class biking while snow is still on the ground back home. You can bring your own bike with you for $79 or take advantage of the many rentals available in the city.

Tucson has something to offer cyclists of all experience levels. Mountain bikers can ride a variety of well-maintained trail networks suitable for the whole family, such as the Fantasy Island and Sweetwater Preserve systems. If road cycling is more to your liking, The Loop is a car-free, asphalt road network in which you can get almost anywhere in the city or surrounding national parks, or you could opt for the more challenging ride to the Kitt Peak National Observatory. Arguably the best location for both styles is Mount Lemmon, rated the best bike ride in the world by the Economist. It is home to a trail network that poses a fantastic technical challenge with amazing views of the Sonoran Desert and a variety of terrain. If tackling trails isn’t your style, you can cycle Mount Lemmon via the Catalina Highway, which has sustained 4-6% grades along 30 miles (approximately 48 km) of smooth asphalt.

Besides the infrastructure and scenery, the weather in Tucson is also some of the best you can get. Average winter temperatures range from 19℃ in December to 24℃ in March, and the city receives 350 days of sunshine per year. These dry, arid conditions allow cyclists to give their best performance without even having to worry about rain… never mind snow!

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