Sticker – 2023

Minimum donation of $5 for each sticker purchased

Currently only sold at events and bike shops with payment through our website


Keep Pidherny Rad!

A lot of time and effort goes into Keeping Pidherny Rad! We created a sticker so that you can show your support for the trails. All proceeds will go directly back into trail maintenance at Pidherny.

Minimum donation is $5, but if you’re feeling generous, we would share the love on the trails!

Do you love the new features on Papa Woods? Do you think Carcass needs a similar upgrade? Do you make use of the new outhouses? Do you think there should be more picnic tables on the trails? Everything that happens out there is because of support from our community.

NOTE: Stickers are currently only for purchase at events or bike shops with purchase through the QR code. We may consider mailing one out to you if your donation is worthy!