Pidherny Sunduro

We had an amazing time at the Pidherny Sunduro last weekend with an incredible 72 racers participating in the race! These events just keep getting bigger and better! 

We hosted a 5-stage and 3-stage downhill enduro ride, open to all ages and skill levels. We had riders from 10 years old to 73 years old. Everyone was there to have a good time, and concede the title of fastest rider to Glenn King. 

We had spectacular volunteers out last weekend, including Devon Budd and Shelley Mitchell: link to their photos below which are available free to download.  

For full race results, head to the Zone4 website linked below. 

Thanks again for coming out to the event! We do this for the community and you can show your support by coming out to these events and buying a membership.

Note: For those that competed in the 3-stage race that due to difficulties in getting the results to display your total race time, I had to add a ‘time’ to the New England Clam Chowder stage.  1 minute was added to everyone’s time so the rankings have not been affected, but to calculate your true total time to complete the race, you must deduct 1 minute from the total time shown.