Some of the content (including, but not limited to: trail reviews, trail description, opinions, directions, maps, guides, graphics, photographs, logos, audio or video clips, and data) available on the Prince George Cycling Club web site, may contain information relating to activities that could potentially result in personal harm or property damage.

The Prince George Cycling Club and those associated with the PGCC web page are not responsible for:

  • The accuracy of the maps displayed on the web page.  These maps are for trail location purposes only, not for navigational purposes.
  • The condition of the trails shown or discussed on the PGCC web page.  The PGCC only maps the trails, we do not maintain those trails. Whenever possible we will try to include the conditions of the trails in the trail descriptions.
  • Personal or property damage that results from the use of this site or the content of this site.
  • Any injuries to persons or property incurred by anyone riding on the trails, or recreating actions depicted in the content of this web site.

The PGCC web page is solely an informational resource, identifying trails in the Prince George area. It is solely the riders responsibility to decide what trails they will ride on and to avoid riding on trails that are on or across private property. Please respect and do not cross private property signs.

By using the PGCC web site you are agreeing to take sole responsibility for any injury/damage to yourself, others or property that results from your use of this web site.  You are also agreeing to release the Prince George Cycling Club and all those associated with the PGCC web page from liability for anything that results from the use of this web page.

Preparation is always important when riding. The PGCC recommends that everyone riding be well prepared and ensure that they have the proper safety equipment.  Please be sure to check the safety of your bike prior to riding, ensure you have the proper safety equipment (a good helmet, body armor, etc) for the activities you will be doing, and be sure to carry along with you the appropriate supplies for your ride (such as a tire repair kit, plenty of water and some snacks).

Have fun riding.