Meeting Minutes

Present: Jacob Mullin, Lynda Foreman, Chrissy Blok, Devon Budd, Heather Sapergia

Called to order @ 1910 @ Chrissy’s house

Agenda: M/S/C

Old Business:

Heather to follow up with Kyrke re: BTWW report from last year. Kyrke and Heather to meet in Feb to go over last year and plan for 2016.

Financials: see Lynda’s e-mail 2016-01-20

  • All sections have a positive balance
  • As per an earlier decision, Lynda will move 10% to general section from fund raising for all sections

Learn to Ride:


  • Chrissy will send out results of Learn to Ride survey.
  • Group felt we should bring back Sprock Kids, rather than Learn to Ride
  • Discussion about bringing up coach for Sprock Kids.


  • Jacob will investigate bringing up coach “Doug” to train Sprock Kids” leaders

Rec Mart: March 5, 6


  • Chrissy to send out Doodle Poll for volunteers
  • Chrissy will find the club pamphlets on Google Drive



  • Use $6100 to leverage grants from Ministry of Forests, Ministry of Parks and Rec. Needs a 2016 operational plan first. Lots of work
  • Have to have a public meeting to explain what is going on
  • Have to GPS entire area. Put in posts with signs
  • Province will look at turning it into a Rec Site
  • Need to get polygon marked out for liability purposes
  • Will have a “post party” in the spring
  • Have to replace nails in signs with aluminum ones



  • City has approved LC Gunn, Forests for the World on map
  • Kevin from MOF will go on “user maintained trails” before these are approved
  • Has had contact with UNBC for GPS mapping
  • Devon stated that there is gas tax money in the city coffers. We can apply as a non-profit. No further discussion on this.



  • E-mailed his report as he is sick. Numbers about the same as last year.
  • He has been thinking of strategies to increase numbers this year. For example, posters at riding areas, more aggressive media campaign. Coupled with the expanded race schedule, numbers should rise.


see e-mail from Lanita 2016-01-20



  • Has web site down for improvements Feb 15 it will be functional again.

Winter Bike Workshop:


  • Devon Flynn from Canadian Mental Health has contacted the PGCC for help and support to organize this event. Target audience is marginalized people in the downtown who have bikes.
  • Devon Budd. May be costly to repair their bikes as repairs maybe inter related.
  • He suggested maybe just patch kits and lube tubes


  • Heather to contact him again
  • RCMP: Cst Hilton contacted PGCC with initiative to identify bikes in case they are stolen. Heather e-mailed him with contact information so that he can send an electronic file of his poster to club so it can be posted on our website


  • Issues with last year’s contractor. Heather and Kyrke will meet to discuss

Bike Swap:

  • Tentative date April 17


  • Heather to speak with Jillian Merrick for advise and assistance.
  • Heather to ask Lanita to organize barbecue
  • Andrew will transport bottles and cans collected during the swap

Recorder (Secretary) needed. By our Constitution and Bylaws, this position cannot be combined with another one. Meanwhile, Heather is taking minutes.


  • Chrissy to put out a request to members

Tourism PG Survey:

  • Heather, Devon and Andrew did it. (Lynda too?)



  • Skills Park description document sent to city. Will do a presentation to council. No date yet.
  • Down hill series: first race as soon as trails are dry. Moving target. 5 races in down hill season. One or more may be an Enduro.
  • Cross country at Pidherny
  • Regional initiative for marketing mountain biking. A cooperative effort. Need an identity
  • Tabor Mountain Rec: Waiting for approval from MOF for polygon. Hive off infrastructure (separate society. Future ideas) from social aspect (PGCC focus)

Next meeting: February 15 @ 7:00 pm. Heather’s house.

Old Business

  • Stickers.


  • Devon to e-mail Chrissy with sticker quote. Need stickers for Rec Mart and Bike to Work Week


  • Lynda gave a verbal report.


  • No report

New Business:

  • none


  • A timing system will cost about $5,000. Can rent and test for mountain and road. Proposal from Andrew to rent a system from Zone 4 in Canmore.
  • 2 base units @$100 and 30 chips @ $2.50 each   = $215 plus tax and shipping. Cost to be split between mountain and road.
  • First race: May 5
  • Skills park: no movement
  • Proposed clinic for kids @ Hot Day at Otway July 2
  • Tabor mountain: No approach from them to PGCC
  • Trails map: Lynda showed a mock up. She is working with Will Caddell. It will be a topographic map. She hopes to have it ready to print by Feb 19. Devon B to provide cover photo for final product.


  • Not much action.
  • MOF has new sign posts ready


  • Schedule is on PG Discussion Group FB page
  • First race: April 16 14 events this year
  • Lanita will speak with city shen the CBC stuff is firmed up


  • Heather. Make sure City of PG and MOT are named in application to CBC.


  • Heather is interviewing for Bike to Work Contractor tomorrow.
  • Ruckus wants to have a celebration station
  • Lack of information from last contractor. Heather to try to find what was done.
  • Heather and Kyrke to meet with city officials and engineering firm regarding plan to keep cycling lanes in the bowl area for cycling. No parking in bike lanes.
  • Film night. Bikes v Cars. March 14. Who is interested in taking this on as a club fundraiser?
  • Winter Bike Workshop. Feb 23. Organized by Devon Flynn from Canadian Mental Health. Heather and Jacob to assist.
  • Bike Right. The PGCC has been approached by this organization for support. Heather will discuss with them what they want.

Learn to Ride

  • This program’s leaders are certified by an outside body. Sprock Kids leaders are certified by that program itself. Jacob will inquire into getting training here or going to training for Learn to Ride.
  • Chrissy to work with Jacob on registration package.

Imagine Grant – Northern Health.

  • Heather to organize application

Web site:

  • Still under construction


  • Dates set for May

Rec Mart


  • all send availability to Doodle Poll

Bike Swap date:

Try for April 17

Next meeting March 29 Chrissy’s house @ 7:00 pm

Present: Chrissy, Devon, Jacob, Kyrke, Heather, Jessy, Andrew, Lynda came later

Regrets: Josh, Lynda, Lanita

Agenda: No additions

Old Business: none

Financials: no report


Report from Jessy about plans for this year.

  • does road have a tent and table that can be borrowed? HS to ask
  • should we purchase a test?
  • does Ruckus have one we can borrow?

Motion to approve this years’ contract for Jessie. M/S/A

Kyrke and Heather reported on a meeting with city, school district, ICBC, about plan to get cars out of bike lanes. Plan sounds concrete but no start date


  • Is there a map of bike rack locations downtown?


  • Heather to find map


  • Lanita unable to attend but submitted a report.
  • Road schedule has been approved by city and awaiting MOT approval
  • Schedule posted at bike shops, on FB pages and website
  • Groups rides will be led out of cycle Logic. PGCC membership required. Cycle Logic will determine start date
  • Looking into CBC requirement that we start training our volunteer race timers so that all times will be validated for racing licenses -2 commissionaires required at each race. This will be a tough requirement to meet as we are lucky to have the people we have.  Needs lots more work.
  • Looking forward to testing out timing system
  • Riding conditions are good. Sweeping just starting throughout city and highways so still some debris


  • $250 for first race insurance from Integris. Tentative date is May 8
  • Discussion about whether mountain racers be PGCC members. Decision was in favour.
  • First race: $15/PGCC member, $20/non PGCC member
  • Enduro race – first race?
  • April 15, 16, 17 getting test system
  • Pidherny: operational plan has expired. Devon working with MOF for a new plan. Has a PGCC member who will help with grant writing


  • web site is slow. Chrissy to go back to Michael Watt who developed original website

Learn to Ride:

  • unknown # of registrations. Devon says many will come in at the end of April

Adjourned 8:32. Next meeting. April 20.

Bike To Work Week

  • McElhenny Engineering is paying for breakfast @ City Hall on Mon May 30
  • EDI will take their portal water station to city hall for the first day
  • Harwin Elementary is doing an assembly with BIG on Wed, June1.  Bike rodeo.  PG Transit is bringing a bus to show how to load bike on the bus.  Evolve is a sponsor
  • Bikes v Cars. June 2. Hosted by the green centre at UNBC 5:00 pm  Free admission
  • June 2 – City bringing a bus to 2 Rivers Gallery
  • June 4 – Sat celebration station hosted by PG Air and Fraser Basin Council
  • June 5 –  Needs a leader for a group ride. College Heights. Need to plan a route
  • Integris has provided a grant

TO DO: Josh to ask Ryan McMaster

Bike Swap

  • Under control


  • first road race April 16.  Timing system worked well.  Thanks to Ruckus for providing a couple of items and the cost  of the BBQ
  • Agree with purchasing timing system.  Easy to use, took out guess work with our volunteer timers.  Reduced need for several volunteer timers


  • 50 chips to be rented
  • Rust Chucker.  If > 50 riders, then will run 2 waves
  • Discussion about timed start or mass
  • Discussion about course.
  • Nothing from city on Bike Park
  • TMRS close to getting Section 56 so we can determine if there is to be any club involvement with development once they do


  • Group rides on Mondays
  • April 18 –  First build night
  • NDIT – Half way through grant application.  Will cover 70% of what we raise.  We can include man hours as our part of 30%
  • Heather suggested Devon contact Jillian Merrick about NDIT grants
  • MOF putting on lots of pressure to do operational plan
  • Lynda and Devon to try to meet with Kevin from MOF

TO DO:  Lynda to send Devon old operational plan

  • Devon concerned about trail assessment
  • Need to do an inventory of tools
  • Need replacement for some


  • Kyrke and Heather plan to meet with councilors to push getting cars out of bike lanes


  • Can Bike advertising
  •  Lynda has sent rest of funds back to Northern Health

Learn to Ride

  • Registrations coming in
  • About 8 leaders
  • Working on getting helmets


  • About 40
  • Financial report
  • Latest one sent out after last meeting

Next meeting – May 19

Present: Lynda, Josh, Heather, Devon, Jacob, Lanita. Quorum present

Regrets: Chrissy, Andrew

Old Business: none


  • not much has changed. Lynda will update after Josh gets the mail


  • Need a new mailbox key. TO DO: Josh will do this


season going well. Andrew sent cost estimates for timing system.

  • That the PGCC purchase 2 activators @ $1000 each
  • Rent one more activator as needed
  • Purchase 40 timing chips.
  • Rent more chips as needed
  • Andrew e-mailed his approval for buying system   M/S/A


  • Operating plan well underway
  • TO DO: Directors to review plan and comment asap
  • Group rides have a good turnout including an increased number of women compared to previous years.
  • Working on NDIT grant
  • Build nights going well
  • Devon says need to buy more tools. M/S/A to spend up to $300 for tool replacement


  • No report. Andrew e-mailed approval to purchase timing system

Urban: No report.

  • Need a tent for BTWW. In the past, we have borrowed one.   TO DO: Devon to find name of tent vendor. Heather: call Dave Lee at Cycle Logic to see if we can use their tent for the week.

Learn to Ride:

  • 10 leaders each week. Week 2 done. Got the helmets. More than 30 kids registered.

Bike Swap:

  • TO DO: Heather to get $ to Lynda


  • no report

Request from Boy Scouts for a mountain bike lesson. Josh has volunteered as an individual. Not a club event

Adjourned @ 8:35 pm

Next meeting: June 15 @ 7:00 pm