2017 Fall Newsletter

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Season’s end

Hello members!  Another bike season is winding down. Hopefully you are still getting out on your favorite two wheeled steed for those last few rides.  Temperatures are perfect and trails are wet and loose!  What better time to reflect on a successful cycling year.  Races, trails, fires, wine rides, kid’s camps, trail maps and more made up a great year of cycling in PG.


The Annual General Meeting for the PGCC happens Nov.19th, 2017 – 6pm at Otway Nordic Center Main Lodge, with a group ride planned for 4:30pm!   PGCC members are encouraged to join us as we discuss the club’s year, board members present achievements, challenges, and future plans.  Non-members are welcome to attend; however, you are not able to vote.

Volunteers are always welcome moving forward. Everyone on the board is strictly volunteer.  The club has lofty goals.  We want Prince George to be a known riding destination in the North. With your help we can achieve those goals.


We will be looking for individuals to fill the President and Secretary positions at the AGM. If you are interested in either of these, please let us know and come to the meeting.  The meeting will include food and drink.  Hope to see you there!  More details to come, stay tuned!


Road riding, and riders, have always had a very strong position in the club and this year was no exception.  PGCC Road Director, Neil Hodgson, had an ambitious and well-organized race schedule that saw races or time trials on an almost weekly basis.  Way to go Neil!


After a successful season of racing the ladies side saw Leanne Garrison taking first place, Trina Brown in second and Lanita Horning in third spot. Congratulations ladies!  On the men’s side first place went to Kris Yip with Neil Hodgson and Trevor Joyce rounding off the podium. Well done gentlemen!   The youth division saw Josiah Wilson, Madelyn Brown and Olivia Brown taking the top three spots respectively.  Hats off to all involved on a great road year.


PGCC member and avid road/mountain cyclist, Matt Brown, volunteered to organize and lead a youth road cycling program.  The program ran Wednesday nights, with riders ranging from 13 to 18 years of age.   The sessions consisted of neighborhood parking lot skill development followed by group road rides.  Skills covered included cornering, braking, out of saddle pedaling, descending, climbing and pace-line.  Matt’s goal was to increase the safety of the riders by working on these skills and getting practice riding in groups…. And of course to have fun, which is a given when you’re on a bike!



Neil is looking for help hosting events next year as the intensive nature of the schedule made hosting and racing a heavy burden.  Step up and help make another awesome road season happen in 2018.  Matt noted that some roads were dangerous with gravel, rock and debris, noting that one sweep a year is not adequate in many areas and he hopes for the safety of all riders the city can increase sweeping efforts.


Another amazing year for mountain biking in PG.  For those who are regular trail users here it’s hard not to be excited about what has been happening the past half-decade.  PGCC Pidherny Director, Devon Budd, and PGCC Mountain Director, Tom Skinner, have done much to advance mountain biking in our fair city.


Pidherny has seen major parking lot work on the bottom side with outhouses installed top and bottom.  The Kitchen Sink and Lazy Susan trails saw the addition of Sally Housecoat.  This trail will close the loop taking you from Lazy Susan to the top of Kitchen Sink so you can do it all over again!  Huge shout out to Mark, Shannon, and others with the YGDR crew for all their dedication and trail building chops.

Honeyshuttle will also be added to Pidherny’s repertoire.  Renowned Jay Hoots and crew will be hammering out this new school, 2-way ribbon of earth late this month.  It will fill a void between the fire road and Flow Job freeing up $10 for it’s true purpose of rapid descending.

This year also saw the revitalization and extension of Screefer.  Barry and his wife Thelma put in a bushel of hours creating this flowy masterpiece.  The duo highly recommends topping it off with Drainpipe (another Barry/Thelma creation) for a spectacular riding experience.  Be sure to read the interview below with this legendary PG building duo.


The PGCC offered co-ed and ladies rides this past season.  The co-ed rides took place at Pidherny, alternating Monday nights with bi-weekly build nights.  Thanks Devon Budd for all your hard work on both build nights and group rides.

PGCC Treasurer, Lynda Foreman, led ladies rides every Monday from June through August, taking place at Otway, Pidherny and UNBC.  This season brought record turnouts for these events, reaching up to 17 riders!!  It is great to see so many ladies out shredding the trails.  These rides were open to all levels with trail selection and distance based on participants.


Unfortunately, mountain events were sparse this year, partially due to fire hazards and smoky conditions and partly to lack of willing organizers and volunteers, as a result some events were regretfully cancelled.

We did however, have a successful Enduro event at Pidherny in August, with Craig Blanchard securing the overall first place finish for the 5 stage event.   A successful 4-hour Otway Challenge took place in June, bringing in a total of 34 riders in a variety of categories: solo, team of 2, and team of 4.  Dave Moleschi secured first place for the solo male division completing 5 solid laps, and Lynda Foreman took first for the solo women with 4 laps.

This fall has seen 2 of the 3 cyclocross events go off very well.  The last race of the season goes October 28th at Carrie Jane Grey Park.  Racing starts at 11:00, come early to pre-ride the course and register.  $20 per person.  Kids race starts at noon, kids race free with paying adult or $10.

For 2018 we plan to post a pre-prepared mountain bike event schedule at the start of the season, so people can prepare well in advance and block off key dates.  The future of mountain biking in PG is looking bright. Get involved and be a part of it!


The PGCC partnered with Tourism PG and Mountain Bike BC to create the first ever Prince George Mountain Bike Trail Map.  These maps are available at local bike shops for free and have also been distributed throughout BC and AB tourism centers to put Prince George on the map as a mountain bike tourism destination.  We will continue to update this map for future publication.  Thanks to SparkGeo for taking on this project design!

The PGCC also collaborated with UNBC and volunteers to post 15 junction maps throughout the UNBC single track trail network to assist with navigation through the area.  These trails are great for spring, fall and winter riding! Urban

The Urban section hosted the Bike Swap again this year, raising $958 for the PGCC. Thanks to all the volunteers who again made this a successful event, including our kitchen crew. The date was changed to the end of March, earlier than the previous year and this got riders excited about the upcoming riding season.

Our next structured activity was Bike to Work Week, May 29- June 4. We started the week with an extra activity, a kids’ bike rodeo at Exploration Place. We collaborated with BIG, the Brain Injured Group as well as Garage 529, the bike anti-theft program. There was also a transit bus there, so we could practice putting our bikes on the front racks. Lots of nifty swag was won throughout the week.

We are in ongoing discussions with the City of Prince George to improve bike lane usage and safety. Heather Sapergia, PGCC Urban Director met with the city transportation supervisor to go over some issues such debris and vehicle parking in the lanes. To increase reporting of these issues, cyclists can go to the App Store, load the City of PG app and then “Create a Request”. Using that page, bike issues can be reported. Let’s be proactive to improve our urban cycling experiences!


Another awesome year with the kids in the PGCC Learn to Ride program.   We had 40 pupils this year with enthusiasm to spare, running Wednesday nights for 6 weeks.  It has been the clubs great pleasure to help the future of our sport improve their skills and enjoy the camaraderie of riding with peers.  Next year will be no exception with the possibility for an expanded program or simply more sessions to meet demand.

Interview with Barry and thelma Hagen

Q:  First trail you really felt was your baby?

B&T:  The first trail we agreed was a triumph was AC/DC at Otway. Building this trail taught us a lot about how to plan and build on sidehills and complex terrain.

Q: Single favorite aspect of a trail or trail feature that you enjoy the aesthetic of and/or building the most?

B&T:  Once we’ve made a basic trail plan, designing the details to make optimum use of the terrain features is great fun – we always do this part together.

Q: What motivates you for those late evening/night or poor weather builds when most of us humans stay indoors?

T: Working on trail construction in poor weather is okay for Barry, but Thelma is a fair-weather builder.

Q: Are you comfortable when someone gushes on you about how your trails are sooo awesome?

B&T: We really do appreciate the thanks that riders and runners say to us, even though we don’t care if they know our names. Receiving encouragement is a major part of our motivation to keep on building trails

Q: How many times have you put a whole bunch of time into a section that just didn’t work out?

B&T:  When we started building trails (back in 1992), we made huge numbers of errors, but now we make far fewer since we figure out details together.

Q:  Favorite trail name you’ve ever seen?

B&T: A few of our favorite local trail names are Kitchen Sink, Gnarly Girls, and Dirt Bag.

Q: Has a love of building eclipsed your love of riding?

T: To some extent, Barry’s love of trail-building has eclipsed trail-riding, but not in Thelma’s case.

Q: Your shed is on fire.  You have time to grab two building tools only.  What do you save?

B&T: The two tools we couldn’t do without are the Pulaski and a chainsaw.

Q: Favorite bike of all time?

A: Barry and Thelma love their current rides, Giant Trances.

Q:  What do you think about the new school style trail that prefers smooth flow over roots and gnar?

B&T: We have to admit that, as our knees, backs, and hands wear out, the new style of flow-type trails make for more fun!

Q:  The world is ending tomorrow and you have a chance to ride one trail in PG.  Which do you do?  Or do you grab the tools and work on that one last section?

B&T:  For our last ride ever, we’d choose Screefer, but hey, others are in the planning stages.

Q:  What does building give you that other pastimes in life can’t compare to?

B&T: To us, designing and building mtb trails is a form of art. As well, we take pride in contributing to our community.

Q:  I have done a very modest amount of building in my life.  My wrists hurt like hell every time I use a McLeod.  How are your joints holding up?

B: Trail building has caused some ongoing problems with our backs and wrists, but we’re otherwise the healthier for our efforts.

Q:  PG riding is on the up.  Where do you see us in 5 years?

B&T:  Five years from now, we’ll have more and better trails, both within Prince George and at Tabor Mountain. We’ll stick to building easy/intermediate trails and we hope that others will expand the more challenging ones.

Q:  You have managed to build prolifically, and maintain a practice as a physician.  How do you do it?  Are you one in a set of clones?

B&T: Both of us continue to work in our professions but, as we approach retirement, we’ll continue to build trails, to ride them, and to hike and run them

From all of us at the PGCC/PGMBA sincere thanks for all that you have contributed to the scene!


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